Dia-Paste™ and DiaSpray™

Diamond paste and Diamond Suspension for the ultimate polished edge.

  • Dia-Paste™ Diamond Compound

    Dia-Paste™ Diamond Compound

    Improve tool performance with DMT®’s easy-to-use Dia-Paste™ Diamond Compound. A light application will create a highly polished, mirror finish, reducing tool friction for a sharper, stronger edge allowing more use between sharpening. Each grit packaged in convenient 2-gram syringe.

    A short list of edges this model can address:

    Chisel, Plane Iron, Gouge, Travisher, Scraper, Vee

    (Models: DP6, DP3, DP1, DPK)

    Available in the following grits:

    • 6 micron / 4000 mesh - removes scratches with light polishing pressure.
    • 3 micron / 8000 mesh -  for a glossy bevel edge.
    • 1 micron / 15000 mesh -  for the ultimate polished mirror bevel edge.
    • Also available in a kit with all 3 grits.
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  • DiaSpray™ Diamond Suspension

    DiaSpray™ Diamond Suspension

    DiaSpray™ is a sprayable suspension with .5 micron diamond, so the grit can be easily applied to any stropping material.  The DiaSpray™ grit provides the ultimate edge result for serious sharpening enthusiasts who seek the utmost mirror finish. Each bottle contains 1.69 fluid oz./50 ml.   Great for achieving the finest polished edge that results in clean, effortless cutting and shaving. Use frequently to keep edges sharp and reduce sharpening needs. Use for Woodworking tools, straight razors, Wood carving tools, knives.  Use any of the following as strop material: leather, thin cardboard, denim, MDF, balsa wood.   Made in USA.    (Model DSPRAY.5)

    .5 micron = 30,000 USA grit (mesh) for an ultimate edge

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