Pocket Models

  • Mini-Sharp® Sharpener

    Mini-Sharp® Sharpener

    DIYers, machinists, hobbyist and sports enthusiasts alike will appreciate the simplicity and utility of DMT®’s pocket model stones. The interrupted surface Mini-Sharp® model also serves as a keychain!

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  • Diamond Whetstone™ Models

    Diamond Whetstone™ Models

    The DMT® signature polka dot pattern diamond stone conveniently sized for tool box, glove box or drawer can handle a variety of edges and tools!

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  • Dia-Sharp® Models

    Dia-Sharp® Models

    If you need to maintain small edges or pointed tools, or portability or space is of concern, DMT® offers 3-in. and 4-in. continuous diamond surface stones!

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  • SURVIVAL-Sharp™


    Ultra-lightweight, carry anywhere survivalist sharpener with fire starter. Includes 70 mm stone for straight edges and diamond rod 2.11" for curved and serrated edges.

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  • EDC-Sharp™


    Every day carry 70 mm sharpener that includes other tools like 7, 8 and 10 mm wrench, two flat head screwdrivers, bottle opener, wire stripped, file edge and metric-Imperial ruler that includes a lanyard hole for easy carry. 

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  • Dia-Sharp® Mini-Hone® Models

    Dia-Sharp® Mini-Hone® Models

    Catering to confined or narrow, hard-to-reach surfaces, these sharpeners are useful for standard edges as well. Utilizes continuous surface technology for the same precision quality results as other Diafold models.  Offered in…

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