Aligner™ Easy Edge-Guided Knife Sharpening Kit

This guided knife sharpening kit will help you properly sharpen your knives and tools, regardless of skill level.

Properly sharpened knives and tools deliver effective and consistent service. For professional edge-care results, regardless of skill, DMT® Guided Sharpening is the right choice. The patented knife sharpening system combined with the surface technology of DMT®’s products provides the edges you need.

Given the wide range of knife sharpening kits and options on the market, professionals know that manual diamond sharpening is the quickest and easiest method and - unlike other sharpening systems - it actually protects the investment in expensive cutlery. However, not everyone who wants the benefits of a knife sharpening kit has the confidence to manually sharpen their own knives. Our guided sharpening kits can help beginners effectively sharpen their knives and tools while offering professionals a quick and easy-to-use sharpener.

Learn more about all of our knife sharpening kits and guided sharpening solutions. If you have any questions, please contact us - we would love to hear from you!

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  • Aligner™ Easy Edge-Guided Sharpening Kits

    Aligner™ Easy Edge-Guided Sharpening Kits

    Aligner™ Easy Edge-Guided Sharpening System provides the components for guided strokes, exact edge bevel and consistent angles, producing the ultimate in fast, accurate knife sharpening.  Aligner™ Kits include the interchangeable stone holder, blade guide and one, two or three 4" Diamond Whetstone™ sharpeners. Models offer different options - one with a rugged carry case, others with fabric storage pouch.


    Available Grits:
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    Interrupted Diamond, Continuous Diamond [?]
    Use & Care:
    Storage Case or Pouch
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