DMT® Surface Guide

  • Interrupted Diamond

    Our signature polka-dot pattern where the holes are slightly recessed in order to collect metal fines removed during sharpening. This unique to DMT feature prevents loading. Ideal for sharpening, honing and deburring.
  • Continuous Diamond

    Made with the same consistently sized preferred Monocrystalline diamond as our 'polka-dot' interrupted surface products but performs with slightly less aggressiveness. Well suited for small contact areas and pointed tools as well as sharpening, honing and deburring.
  • Continuous Unbreakable Ceramic

    Aluminum core prevents chipping, cracking and breaking common with traditional ceramics. Ideal for polishing and fine edge finishing. Available only in DMTĀ® Ceramic Steel (CS2) and corresponds to 2200 mesh, 7 micron.