Made in the USA

We at Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) are proud that ALL DMT's design and manufacturing is done in our factory in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Virtually all of our raw materials, packaging and marketing materials are sourced in North America.  This allows us to ensure the highest levels of production quality and provide the most responsive customer service. Since 1976, we have had a tradition of excellent quality and service to uphold  -  something we don’t take lightly. 

We are also proud that DMT® products are exported worldwide to over 27 countries. Superior edge care is a global passion.

We thank you for your business and hope that you find many years of success with our products.

The DMT® Commitment

Since 1976, DMT® has been committed to one thing - to innovate and produce the world's finest diamond knife and tool sharpeners. All DMT® products are made using the highest quality materials and workmanship and are guaranteed to be free of defects. Any products found to be defective will be replaced free of charge - it's that simple!