Extend The Life Of Your Tools Quickly and Easily

DMT® Diamond Products lower overhead costs in any shop where cutting tools are used. 


A variety of the finest, super-hard micronized diamond surfaces are available to solve all honing, sharpening, deburring, abrading, and lapping needs required by the hard tool steels found in most plants.

Customers report they extend the life of their carbide tooling 5-7 times compared to using sharpening services. DMT® Products are a superior value.

Whether you are building machinery, fitting close tolerance parts, die chasing, deburring a mold or die,  the  diverse DMT® product range allows you the opportunity to get the job done efficiently and in the shortest amount of time.

Used by Professionals Worldwide.

Suggested Products by Application:

Tool, Die, Molds, HSS Cutters, Carbide Cutters, Machine Bolsters & Ways:  Dia-Sharp® Bench StonesMini-Hone® Sharpeners, Diafold® Flat File

Facilities Maintenance, Wire Cutters, Cable Cutters, Wire Strippers, Shears, Utility Knives:  Diafold® Sharpeners, Diafold® Chain Saw Sharpeners, Diamond Whetstones™

Carpentry, Furniture Making, Router Bits, Shaper Blades: Diamond Whetstones™ , DuoSharp® Bench Stones, Dia-Sharp® Bench Stones